Happy with “Happy Endings” [First Impessions]

Happy Endings

I really don’t like to write about my “first impressions” after I seen to much of a series.  When you already identify yourself with the characters and is already caught up in their lives is really difficult to be objective. But since this one got to when I saw the trailer, I’m opening an exception … I have already seen 7 episodes of the series, most of them in a roll and I happy to say I liked.

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Being Human – 3rd Season [Updates]

Being Human UK

I wrote a while back about “Being Human US” and I made a few comments about the first episodes of the original UK series. So I started watching the UK series and I have to say I was premature in my judgment. Continue reading

More of Good Bad Ones [Movies of the Weekend]

Piranha 3Dhis weekend I was a little sick (just a cold) so I decided to stay in bed and see the trashiest films I had in my “to see” library. So I spend my Sunday afternoon seeing “Piranha” (2010) and “Infestation” (2009). Nothing better than a lot of splatter blood and discussing goo to scare a cold away …
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“Off the Map”, But On The Path [First Impressions]

Another type of series that being generating results in last few years are the Medical Dramas … Every year we see a new one trying to make it work and the one in the spot now is “Off The Map“. The series is like any other hospital drama, but it all happens in a free clinic in a remote South America village. So the doctors not only have to treat the patients but also have to do that with the minimal of resources (Found that really interesting).  Wiki also says “seven doctors search for reasons that brought each of them to medicine”, but I didn’t see much of that in the pilot, could be something good … Continue reading

Insecure About “InSecurity” [First Impressions]

This series seems to me like an attempt to make a funny “24“. “InSecurity” is a Canadian comedy show about a team of a counter-spy agency of the Canadian government. The series try to make comedy making the team being a little unprofessional and unorganized (with some clumsy characters on the team), but also a little with the weird situation they encounter themselves in (this was the only thing I found funny). Continue reading

Not so Perfect “Perfect Couples” [First Impressions]

Every year we see a lot of this type of relationship comedy TV series. “Prefect Couples” is not different from the rest … It tells the story about 3 different types couples and all that stuff about relationships, the same as ever … Continue reading

Just “Fairly Legal” [First Impressions]

“Fairly Legal” seems to me like just another one of those law dramas that regularly appears on our TV. It tells a story about a lawyer (Sarah Shahi) that actually works as a mediator (“after realizing her own ethical conflict with her profession”, as wiki says) in the firm of her father, that recently died. We also have a step-mother that runs the firm, a brother who used to be a lawyer too and a ex-husband that is a DA (Is almost like everyone she knows went to law school). Continue reading