Just Trying “Being Human” in US [First Impressions]

I first notice “Being Human” after seeing an ad on a website about its season premiere. I knew it was a series that have vampires in it, but I really choose to see the this series after I read its premise and that it was a remake of a British TV series from BBC (I discovered a while back that the BBC are doing pretty good stuff …). This series is still running on the UK in their 3rd season (but seasons in UK have around 10 to 15 episodes) and is a pretty good series … (I saw the original one before seeing the US version).

Both series have exactly the same premise. Its a vampire, a werewolf (the 2 guys) and a ghost (the girl) living together trying to get along with each others “curses”, and trying to live a normal file, hence the name “Being Human”.

I liked a lot the US version too. Just by seeing the first episodes of each series I must say the US version has more caution with some details that I found odd on the original. It also gets you into the story more gently them the British version (this is usually the American standard). The Original just throw the viewer inside the story while this one tries to create more links with the characters before getting into the subject (well, they have more episodes to fill in the season). I just have to add that the first episode was very well produce and I liked most of the actors in it.

Unfortunately I don´t think this series will be around that much. I have to see a few episodes to be sure (I will see both versions), for now I´ll say it wont get a second season (TTL =1). The series could get easy lost in the theme and became another generic series that don’t appeal to the public, (that happens sometimes with this series remakes on the US). And the vampire werewolf theme is becoming little too much these days. The SyFy channel, that airs the series in the US, usually tends to prolong their series longer than I usually predict, but “Being Human” is being produce in Canada (I don’t have any precedents like this to compare).



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