Just “Fairly Legal” [First Impressions]

“Fairly Legal” seems to me like just another one of those law dramas that regularly appears on our TV. It tells a story about a lawyer (Sarah Shahi) that actually works as a mediator (“after realizing her own ethical conflict with her profession”, as wiki says) in the firm of her father, that recently died. We also have a step-mother that runs the firm, a brother who used to be a lawyer too and a ex-husband that is a DA (Is almost like everyone she knows went to law school).

The premise is not that appealing (except for Sarah Shahi). It is just like any other series of the same kind. The only aspect that make this series a little closer of being unique is that is a law series that the protagonist is not a lawyer (so we probably wont get a lot of court action), and this should be the angle to make it work.

There a few things I like about what I saw in the first episode. I liked the acting, specially Sarah Shahi (she is just gorgeous, its impossible not to like her) and the guy who plays her assistant (Baron Vaughn) that I found to be very funny. I like some of the elements in this episode, like how its introduced that she is a good mediator (in the coffee shop robbery scene) and the fact that she has every contact on her phone as characters from “The Wizard of Oz“.

I have to say I really think this series wont be around that much. I will give one, two max, seasons for it (TTL=1). First of all because it is a recurrent subject, most of the law dramas get this verdict (the ones that survive must have pretty unique aspects). But I think the main reason is the day this series is being aired. Half of the audience (that would see this show) will probably seeing “Private Practice” while the other half will be seeing “The Mentalist” (all the smart people will be seeing “30 Rock”). I think only with a change of its day and time and focus on the peculiarities, this series won’t get a judgment of conviction …

Please comment and leave your opinion…
  1. February 6th, 2011

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