Insecure About “InSecurity” [First Impressions]

This series seems to me like an attempt to make a funny “24“. “InSecurity” is a Canadian comedy show about a team of a counter-spy agency of the Canadian government. The series try to make comedy making the team being a little unprofessional and unorganized (with some clumsy characters on the team), but also a little with the weird situation they encounter themselves in (this was the only thing I found funny).

I really did not enjoy seeing the first episode. I will not even try to see the second one. I didn’t like most of the stuff in this series; the main idea has nothing special, the acting are not that good, the production is far from perfect and (worst of all) I didn’t find it much funny. I liked some ideas of it, but I think they weren’t performed well. I think TV has a place for a funny “24“, but only if it’s really funny. And I think this type of series should be driven by funny situations (and we have a couple on the pilot), not funny characters…

In my opinion “InSecurity” will not get a second season (maybe they will not even finish the first one, so TTL<=1). Theres no way (by what I saw in the pilot) this series could become better. The only alternative is a complete remake (because I think some ideas in it are good). Hopefully someone could get inspired by it and try to make something good out of it … I will be happy with that.

Please comment and leave your opinion…
  1. February 13th, 2011

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