Not so Perfect “Perfect Couples” [First Impressions]

Every year we see a lot of this type of relationship comedy TV series. “Prefect Couples” is not different from the rest … It tells the story about 3 different types couples and all that stuff about relationships, the same as ever …

I have to say I like this type of series, usually we have a couple of good jobs of it. But to make it work its necessary to hook the audience in seeing more and that’s the trick part. This series didn’t present any differential from other ones. It’s no more fun or original than “Better With You“, for example. It should have some element that differs it from the others and get the attention, so people come to see more…

One thing that I liked about this one is the cast. They joined some funny people who I seen (and enjoyed) in other shows (some canceled ones). I really think everyone is really funny in this series and they are good together.

It’s a shame that this series for me don’t have much future … I don’t think it will get a second season if it doesn’t discover what could make it unique (TTL=1). This is specially because it is on NBC between “Community” and “The Office” and I don’t think a just normal series like this will survive in the middle of such funny series… I think NBC could actually lose audience to CBS (or even CW) because of this …

Please comment and leave your opinion…

  1. February 13th, 2011

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