“Off the Map”, But On The Path [First Impressions]

Another type of series that being generating results in last few years are the Medical Dramas … Every year we see a new one trying to make it work and the one in the spot now is “Off The Map“. The series is like any other hospital drama, but it all happens in a free clinic in a remote South America village. So the doctors not only have to treat the patients but also have to do that with the minimal of resources (Found that really interesting).  Wiki also says “seven doctors search for reasons that brought each of them to medicine”, but I didn’t see much of that in the pilot, could be something good …

The thing about medical dramas is that they are more about the “drama” then the “medical”. If you have good characters and good conflicts the “medical” stuff will only help to increase the tension (and make sure we have some cool scenes). In just the pilot we cannot see all the “drama” that the series have, but we can see the potential for it. This series has serious potential to being a good medical drama, specially because is created by Jenna Bans (one of the producers/writers of “Gray’s Anatomy“). I really enjoyed (not because I’m from Brazil) the distinct element of the series, being set on a remote village almost in the jungle. This could not only bring more intensity to the medical stuff (If they keep stuff real), but also could have a lot of new elements on the “drama” of the series.

I liked the cast of the series and the production and direction. I usually don’t like when things are set on South America (specially in Brazil) because it usually seems fake to me (specially people speaking in Portuguese). This one I could easily accept and see the entire episode without sounding fake… That is a plus for the production of “Off The Map” (at least for me). I also have a little of the feeling of “being far away from home” that “Lost” had (ABC is getting good at this).

So, to conclude, I think this series is going to make it. It’s hard to say for how long, that could depends on the following up of the episodes (that I wont be following), but I can say I could easily have 2 seasons with no effort (TTL > 2). The series is good and its strategically placed on the TV grid with no other major treats to it. The perfect combination to get people to watch it. Enjoy.

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  1. February 13th, 2011

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