Being Human – 3rd Season [Updates]

Being Human UK

I wrote a while back about “Being Human US” and I made a few comments about the first episodes of the original UK series. So I started watching the UK series and I have to say I was premature in my judgment.

The series really catch up when you start following it. I must say that the first season of the UK series were handled way better than what I’m seeing on the US one (Yes I’m also seeing the US one, what can I say, I have a lot of free time in my hands). In UK they just trow the viewer in the middle of the story. That was really weird for me in the first episode. Later my feeling was that a lot of stuff was starting to happen and I didn’t have enough information to understand it all … But once you get to like the fourth episode you are already aware of the world of the story. You still don’t have all the informations, but you start to get a little bit more once you start to get to know the characters.

That’s Its the brilliant thing about this series. You start to have in the beginning of each episode little scenes about the characters lives. Its like every week someone tells a little story about their past that makes you understand more about that person. And thats like real life. When you first met someone you don’t know anything about them, you are just thrown in their lives. But when you start to get to know them and start to be more comfortable with them. This is actually a variation of a thing that I call the “Friends Effect” (one day I write about it), but I haven’t seen it done this well for a long time now…

I’m in the 3rd season now and it is just perfect … I’m really interested in the story that its getting so dense that I feel like knowing this people for years. This is a series that I recommend. If you pass by the bad points (and there are bad parts of it during the way) and get to the point its now Its worth …


Please comment and leave your opinion…

PS: I have to comment too that the writers of this series actually fixed (for the better) some concepts of the story (will not say because its a spoiler). That was one of the things I posted before saying I liked better in the US version.
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