More of Good Bad Ones [Movies of the Weekend]

Piranha 3Dhis weekend I was a little sick (just a cold) so I decided to stay in bed and see the trashiest films I had in my “to see” library. So I spend my Sunday afternoon seeing “Piranha” (2010) and “Infestation” (2009). Nothing better than a lot of splatter blood and discussing goo to scare a cold away …

If you like trashy movies like I do these two are a treat. Piranha its the classic trash (and it was made to be like this); it has no story and its full of blood and naked women, with both sexy and discussing scenes, and every once in a while a job. Yep, just the classic mix of good bad movie… I was really sad for not seeing this on 3D on a theater. This was a movie made for being seen in 3D with a bunch of people that like (and make fun) of this kind of movie. But the coolest thing its that the cast its really good (with cheesy acting, because its a trash movie). I know almost every actor (from movies or tv), even those who die 30 seconds after they appear. And I know I saw some porn actresses as extras …

Infestation is a lot different from Piranha. It is more serious but has its trashy moments. I really liked how the story was treated in the movie (and I loved the end). The story is kind of the same as usual; people has to survive, except in this case is from giant bugs. I liked the actors too. They aren’t well known as before, but I liked their acting … Its a simple movie that you can just enjoy if you like this kind of movie…

So, a saw a little more movies but I can mention then later. I just wanted the point how can a bad movie can make you fell better too …

Talk to you later,

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