Happy with “Happy Endings” [First Impessions]

Happy Endings

I really don’t like to write about my “first impressions” after I seen to much of a series.  When you already identify yourself with the characters and is already caught up in their lives is really difficult to be objective. But since this one got to when I saw the trailer, I’m opening an exception … I have already seen 7 episodes of the series, most of them in a roll and I happy to say I liked.

The series is about a group of friends, (“open sarcastic quotes”) very original (“close sarcastic quotes”). The big difference is that a couple of the friends were supposed to get married, but she left him in the altar. Since they are from the same group of friends they continue to be friends…

The characters in the series are very good and I really liked the cast (especially the perfect Elisha Cuthbert, you know … Jack Bauer’s daughter). The situations on this series are well written, but I have to say they dint explore that much the main plot (at least for now).

The grid schedule of the series is perfect and because of that I think this series could work. This is the type of series that lure you by routine, you just start liking it when you start to know and enjoy the characters (and since they are good ones you only need to get to know them). So this is a keeper for me I think it will get a second season (TTL>1, and if I were more specific I would say TTL=3).

This was the trailer I liked …

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