“Harry’s Law” and Fine Shoes [First Impressions]

Just to be clear, I will put on front that I love all the stuff for TV David E. Kelley did in the past and that I really trust his judgment. I really believe that this could be a great series, just because he is involved on it, but I will judge it only based in what I saw in the first episode … Continue reading


Talking about the new “Episodes” [First Impressions]

After talking about UK series remakes, “Episodes” is a good series to mention. Its a comedy that shows the writers of a British successful TV series (a married couple) that come to the US to write the American version of their show. I really like when a series talks about making series. Another thing I like is a actor playing himself, as Matt LeBlanc (yep you know him, Joey from  Friends“) in this series.

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More from UK with “Shameless” US [First Impressions]

This is a another remake from a British series. Its a very good, well-produce series, as showtime usually does. It tells the story about a big dysfunctional family, with a mother that left home, a alcoholic father, an daugther that actualy takes care of the family, 2 teenage sons (one is very smart and the other is gay), a couple of young ones and a baby.

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Just Trying “Being Human” in US [First Impressions]

I first notice “Being Human” after seeing an ad on a website about its season premiere. I knew it was a series that have vampires in it, but I really choose to see the this series after I read its premise and that it was a remake of a British TV series from BBC (I discovered a while back that the BBC are doing pretty good stuff …). This series is still running on the UK in their 3rd season (but seasons in UK have around 10 to 15 episodes) and is a pretty good series … (I saw the original one before seeing the US version).

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Never-Ending Guest For TV Series [First Impressions]

I would like to talk about another passion of mine; TV Series. I think (and I already said that too many times) these days movies are getting worse while TV Series are getting better. I’m always looking for the next big series in TV and always talking about them to my friends (and suggesting the ones I like to everyone), but I have a really strict and recurring process to find the series that I will follow…

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Just had to write about the “Glory Daze” [First Impessions]

I was doing my usual thing; gathering a bunch of pilots of new TV series to see which ones are actually good (I follow around 25 different TV series, one day I post about them). I watch one or two episodes and try to predict their future. Each time I do this I get a little better at it (will post something about this soon), but usually I don’t get pumped about a new series… Having said that, I just saw the first episode of “Glory Daze” (from TBS), a new TV series that I found it was pretty good and I just had to write something about it …

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Everybody has to start somewhere …

Since this is my first official post (and I wanna write about movies), I decided to make a list naming my top 5 1st long films of good (well-known) directors, because “Everybody has to start somewhere”.

No matter how well-known the director is now, in the beginning nobody knew their names. They probably suffer the same problems anyone would making their first movie. They probably didn’t have a big budget (or any budget at all) but they just made the best with what they had (for our lucky).

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