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More of Good Bad Ones [Movies of the Weekend]

Piranha 3Dhis weekend I was a little sick (just a cold) so I decided to stay in bed and see the trashiest films I had in my “to see” library. So I spend my Sunday afternoon seeing “Piranha” (2010) and “Infestation” (2009). Nothing better than a lot of splatter blood and discussing goo to scare a cold away …
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Everybody has to start somewhere …

Since this is my first official post (and I wanna write about movies), I decided to make a list naming my top 5 1st long films of good (well-known) directors, because “Everybody has to start somewhere”.

No matter how well-known the director is now, in the beginning nobody knew their names. They probably suffer the same problems anyone would making their first movie. They probably didn’t have a big budget (or any budget at all) but they just made the best with what they had (for our lucky).

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